How to Check if Furniture is Made From Genuine Wood

Many customers want to make sure that they buy only products made from genuine materials. From bags to shoes, even when it comes to food – most want to make sure that what they are buying are made from purely natural materials.


The same goes for purchasing wooden furniture. The thing is, furniture made from authentic wood can be really expensive compared to furniture made from engineered wood. Therefore, it pays to know how to tell if your furniture truly is made from real wood so you can be sure that you won’t be ripped off of your hard earned money.


There are many ways you can check if a furniture is made from real wood, but these simple checking methods can mostly be done only if you are able to touch and see the furniture in person.


Solid wood is 100% made from natural wood, engineered wood is made from wood parts or particles all put together to imitate the appearance of wood. Since real wood is basically directly made from trees or logs, you can expect them to be extremely heavy. Manufactured wood, on the other hand, can be lightweight or, if not, definitely noticeably lighter than genuine wood.


While comparing weight is an effective way to check the authenticity of wood, there are times you can’t easily determine what’s real from not – for instance, pine is a genuine wood, but it is generally lightweight. In this case, you can also consider the actual design of the furniture. Genuine wood can be carved to take almost any design. If the furniture, such as a headboard, has extremely small patterns carved into it, chances are, you are looking at real wood. Manufactured wood isn’t as easy to mold or adjust to take a unique or intricate pattern.


The grain pattern on the wood surface can also reveal a lot about it. Engineered wood will have recurrent wood grain patterns on it, while natural wood will have unique wood grain patterns.